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The Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 was a success!

The Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 was a success!

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We are happy to announce that the Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 has come to an end and we are more than happy to talk about the success that the exhibition had! The Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 took place between November 25-26 this year and it was focused specifically on showcasing some of the best local art and regional art too.

The Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 had a true focus on quality and creativity. We believe that the exhibition did a very good job when it came to providing the very best and most interesting artistic ideas. Not a lot of painters and creatives get the exposure they want, so the Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 was one of the best ways to showcase all that talent.

We held the Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 together with the press show and the art exhibition. There were no less than 66 artists and 66 adjacent artworks presented during the event. It was very important to showcase as many unique features as possible, and that did bring in front some nice opportunities for creatives to shine and showcase their art in front of various art lovers.

Another strong point for the event was the presence of press outlets that wanted to cover the event and showcase some of the most important ideas for it. We believe that showcasing artworks in the press is a great way to offer exposure to all artists, plus this also helps them stand out and receive the benefits they need from working so much.

But the Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 wasn’t solely focused on showcasing art. We also made sure that some of the artworks could be sold as well. 7 artworks got sold during the Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017, and we believe that more and more will be sold next year, as the art exhibition gets more exposure and press. Since the exhibition news found its way to TV channels and printed media, it’s safe to say that we are looking forward to new interactions with the press and people that work closely with the press to begin with.

There were more than 300 artists, collectors and guests that attended the Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 during the 2 days. We will definitely expand and prolong the Sagawar Art Exhibition for the upcoming editions as well.

Also, the event had an interview program with the media, something that we would also want to expand and improve in the near future. We understand the challenges and frustration that come from things like this.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the media, art gallery, art lovers and friends that made the Sagawar Art Exhibition 2017 possible. We couldn’t have done this without you and we know that we are very happy to have our team around. We are definitely looking forward to new editions of the Sagawar Art Exhibition, as this event was a success and we would gladly repeat it! Even if you missed the art exhibition, you can still visit to see the art pieces and purchase them online if you want. The website is always open for art lovers, so you should totally check it out!

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